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Need a car for you or your family? Flexi Drive's rental solutions is the hassle-free way to access long-term car rentals, when buying or leasing doesn't suit your budget or lifestyle. Flexi Drive is a simple alternative to buying or leasing a vehicle. We offer a flexible rental solution that is not dependent on your credit profile.

Mobility | Agility | Affordability | Flexibility​

Renting versus buying or leasing means that you have control over your transport budget, without locking yourself into an unaffordable new car contract.

Your credit profile has no bearing on your application, which means that even if you are blacklisted, got a low credit score or even a perfect credit score, we cater for everyone.

The rental is done over a 60 month period but can be terminated anytime.

The vehicle will be sold after 60 months..​​

Reasons to Rent

No hidden costs.

Payments are fixed for the full period of 60 months.

No bank loans

which will impact on future loans you may want to take out.

No contract

tying you down for an extended period like bank finance. The contract can be terminated at any given time without incurring any penalties.

Option to upgrade

your vehicle at any time after 12 months.


Earn up to R1000 cash for every successful referral that results on a concluded deal.

That’s cash in your back pocket.

Email us on info@flexidrive.co.za to start referring today!

Key features

  • Monthly rental
  • No hidden cost
  • Rental does not change monthly
  • Stop the rental any time
  • Upgrade the vehicle any time after 12 months

Who can apply?

Anyone with a valid SA driver’s license and regular monthly income is eligible to apply, even if you are struggling to get finance, are blacklisted or if you prefer not the have the hassle of owning or leasing your own vehicle. There is a minimum initial rental of 15% payable and this amount may be increased according to each individual’s personal profile.


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